We’re all asked this questions many times each day, and most of us answer,  “Fine,” “I’m just fine, thanks” or “Everybody is fine.” And sometimes that’s all there is to it it—you’re, in fact, fine and doing well.

But that’s not always accurate. We all have struggles—physical, emotional, financial—that make us feel trapped, uneasy, anxious, or sad, so we brush aside our worries and answer, “Fine!”

Problems and setbacks never disappear, but learning how to navigate the tougher parts of life is key to living a happy and fulfilled life. The More Than Just Fine coaching model helps you figure out what’s getting in your way of living the life you want and equips you with tools and strategies to handle the challenges life throws at you so that you feel empowered to live fully and take your life and business to the next level.

So the next time you’re asked, “How are you?,” you’ll be able to  honestly answer, “Awesome,” “Fantastic,” “couldn’t be better.“

Hello, I’m Else

When everybody looked at me, they saw a successful woman who had and could do everything, but that’s not how I felt.

I felt exhausted and stressed. I always put others’ priorities first and have no time left for myself? It left me emotionally drained and feeling frustrated that life had just become a series of routine obligations without purpose or direction.

My business was not getting the results I knew I could produce, yet I felt unworthy and like a fake on the inside.  I felt stuck and unhappy.  I knew I had to change but was afraid to hurt the people I love.

Boy have things changed!

Today, I feel inspired, passionate, and confident, and successful in all aspects of my busy life.  I still have challenges but I have the tools and strategies so I feel in control.

Work with me


The MORE THAN JUST FINE personal coaching model is a one-one coaching program that is designed to help you identify what’s holding you back, pinpoint what you want, and create a vision for your personal and professional goals. You will develop a custom plan and develop strategies to successfully achieve your vision.  

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REBUILD YOUR REALITY is a self-study program that guides you through the MORE THAN JUST FINE Coaching Journey. You will work through challenges and obstacles you face and create a plan of action designed to help you achieve your desired outcome in your life. 

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Life in Perspective


“I had a wonderful coaching session with Else, and found her to be very effective in helping me work through some hidden barriers that I wasn’t even aware of. Else is relatable, empathetic, thoughtful, and focused on moving the conversation in the right direction. The coaching call felt like talking to a friend who knew me and knew how to relate.

The best part was that during our time together I was able to slowly remove the layers of confusion in my life and get back to what matters to me. The same things that made me cry and feel sorry for myself, I now see as a source of strength and courage, which allows me to design the life I want without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Thank you Else for helping me break down this pile of mess that I was carrying around in my head, and encouraging me to see things differently, as they really are.”

“I connected with Else and worked on a financial issue recently and through her coaching techniques I was able to unveil where my beliefs had seeded, in a very gentle yet effective way. Through supportive questioning and her ability to safely hold the space, I felt liberated and awakened to discover not only where the source of the issue stemmed from, but also a way to counter it for a more open and resourceful way forward. What I loved the most about the session together, was the feeling of change throughout my whole system – physically, mentally and emotionally. There was definitely a powerful shift and I have not had the same issue arise since!

Thank you Else!”

Else helped me with accountability which is exactly what I needed to start making steps toward my goal. Providing insight, new ways of thinking helped tremendously.
“I have had several sessions of coaching with Else, she is very attentive and a very good listener, she always asks detailed questions in order to understand my challenges and customize the perfect solutions and guidance for me. She is so easy and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her.”

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