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“….Else knows good techniques and exercises to really dig deep and understand yourself on a much better level. 


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Do you feel you have lost touch with yourself and the passion for what you do? Are you completely exhausted and feel stuck on a giant hamster wheel?

The one-one coaching program is based on the 5 Elements of Change that influence your mindset and how you experience life. It is designed to help you identify what’s holding you back, pinpoint what you want, identify where you are sabotaging yourself and develop new habits and practices that will allow you to focus on what will bring you the joy and success you desire and confidently live life on your terms.

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REBUILD YOUR REALITY is a self-study program that guides you through the MORE THAN JUST FINE Coaching Journey. You will work through challenges and obstacles you face and create a plan of action designed to help you achieve your desired outcome in your life. 

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Hello, I’m Else

When everybody looked at me, they saw a successful woman who had and could do everything, but that’s not how I felt.

I felt exhausted and stressed. I always put others’ priorities first and have no time left for myself? It left me emotionally drained and feeling frustrated that life had just become a series of routine obligations without purpose or direction.

My business was not getting the results I knew I could produce, yet I felt unworthy and like a fake on the inside.  I felt stuck and unhappy.  I knew I had to change but was afraid to hurt the people I love.

Boy have things changed!

Today, I feel inspired, passionate, and confident, and successful in all aspects of my busy life.  I still have challenges but I have the tools and strategies so I feel in control.

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Are you stuck or feel lost, but can’t pinpoint what makes you feel this way?  You are looking in the mirror, trying to find a solution from the person starring back at you but realize you don’t recognize that person anymore.  You are always busy, yet your days seem...

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What our clients are saying!

I had the pleasure of having a couple of sessions with Else. I was reluctant to do any coaching but was so happy I did because she exceeded my expectations. We really went deep into how I was getting in my own way and steps to improve. Working with her was nothing short of rewarding and insightful.

Adam, Phoenix

Else is an entrepreneur’s coach; she understands us because she is one of us. She has an uncanny ability to distill any issue to its essence and get to the root of a behavior or belief. And to arm you with the tools to manage them yourself. Her practical approach was incredibly useful for me during a period of transition in my life and career. I continue to draw insights from our sessions and see tangible results in my daily life. I highly recommend her services to anyone desiring a subtle yet effective push toward meeting your highest potential.

Erin, New York

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