Are you tired of working so hard and never feeling it’s enough?


Maybe you feel like Sisyphus, the Greek King of Ephyra, tirelessly pushing a boulder uphill, but never getting to the top.

Guess what? There’s a reason behind this struggle – you’re operating with an outdated mindset, an earlier version of yourself that’s inadvertently holding you back. It’s time to stop the subconscious self-sabotage that’s blocking your success.

Your Mindset is Your #1 Problem and Your #1 Solution

“….She really helped me become more confident (after a step back in my career) and I am grateful to her because she really listened.”

Jennifer A     

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The Time for Your Best Life is Now: Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Let’s get you started on a journey of growth, fulfillment, and achievement. Our Personal Growth and leadership coaching is your roadmap to a life well-lived.

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The Mental Fitness Bootcamp group program helps you break the habit of constantly beating yourself up over your lack of worth, ability, and success and prevents you from enjoying your life fully. This is for growth-minded entrepreneurs, executives, and small teams who feel stuck. The small group setting provides an environment with peer support and additional accountability partners.

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What our clients are saying!

I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance as a CEO.  I strive to improve my leadership with my team and my influence with my community.  When you are a high performer with a commitment to excellence, you are always growing.  Which means there are always upper limits you will hit.  Working with Else was a profound experience.  We quickly identified where I was sabotaging my growth and she asked me several deeply profound questions that made me reconsider the choices I was making in my company.  With that awareness, I was able to shift my approach and immediately shift my results.  Our company now flows more smoothly and we are able to create significantly better results leading to more profit, with less struggle.  Things are simply working for the better thanks to Else!”

Kelly O'Neil

CEO, Innovate Media Services

Else is an entrepreneur’s coach; she understands us because she is one of us. She has an uncanny ability to distill any issue to its essence and get to the root of a behavior or belief. And to arm you with the tools to manage them yourself. Her practical approach was incredibly useful for me during a period of transition in my life and career. I continue to draw insights from our sessions and see tangible results in my daily life. I highly recommend her services to anyone desiring a subtle yet effective push toward meeting your highest potential.

Erin, New York

Hello, I’m Else

When everybody looked at me, they saw a successful woman who had and could do everything, but that’s not how I felt.

I felt exhausted and stressed.  My internal critical voices (saboteurs) were constantly at play draining my happiness and preventing me from reaching my full potential.  I prioritized external rewards and it left me emotionally drained.  I felt life had just become a series of routine obligations without purpose or direction.

My business was not getting the results I knew I was capable of accomplishing despite my hard work.  Worst of all, I was completely unaware of how badly I was sabotaging myself. I felt like a fraud, unworthy, stuck and unhappy.  I knew something had to change!

Boy have things changed!

Today, I feel inspired, passionate, and confident, and successful in all aspects of my busy life.  I still have challenges but I have the tools and strategies so I feel in control.

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