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When everybody looked at me, they saw a successful woman who had and could do everything, but that’s not how I felt.

I felt exhausted and stressed. I always put others’ priorities first and have no time left for myself? It left me emotionally drained and feeling frustrated that life had just become e a series of routine obligations without purpose or direction.

My business was not getting the results I knew I could produce, yet I felt unworthy and like a fake on the inside.  I felt stuck and unhappy.  I knew I had to change but was afraid to hurt the people I love.

Boy have things changed!

I had recently relocated, again, and found myself living in Scottsdale, Arizona trying to re-establish my interior design company.  My thoughts were tangled up, and I had lost the sense of who I was, how all the pieces in my busy professional and personal life fit together, or how to get closer to achieving my goals.  I found it was very challenging to decide where to focus first and how to move forward.

Luckily, a couple of brilliant individuals became my soundboard and voice of reason to guide my thoughts back to where I felt safe, secure, decisive and in control of my unique identity and my path forward.

I learned to analyze my past experiences and my insight taught me how to get unstuck and find clarity on my goals.

I learned how to value myself,  how to set boundaries to support my goals, how to increase my productivity and motivation, and most importantly, how to feel happier and loving my life.

My major breakthrough came when I started to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and learned how to apply these exciting personal development frameworks to my own life.  I received my master practitioner certification and I’m extremely passionate about sharing these frameworks and help my clients develop tools and strategies to live life fully, lead powerfully, and grow confidently.

If you are wondering how you can find clarity and a roadmap for your life, just book a discovery call with me.  I love to meet you.

If you like to know where my journey began, keep reading.


My Beginnings

I was raised in a tiny “village” in Denmark. Calling it a village is generous – it was three houses, five farms and the boarding school my mother and farther established the year I was born.  Every fall, a new set of students arrived, and our village population grew from roughly 20 to over 120. The students were 9th and 10th graders from all walks of life, who traveled to Funen to live and learn together.

Those early years were fascinating and significant for me. Imagine, if you can, what it was like to get a whole new set of older sisters and brothers to learn from every fall. Although, I’m not so sure any of them saw it that way – I was probably just the annoying little kid who wouldn’t leave them alone.

European Map with Danish Flag marking Denmark

Onward and Upward

Life continued to be filled with amazing experiences for me – from my first afterschool job at 14 as a hotel dishwasher, onto selling hotdogs, and then my first “real” job in the financial world. I easily moved up through the ranks and felt my path was quite clear, but as we all know, even the best plans do not always turn out as intended.  I met a charming American, who became my husband, and moved 6,000 miles to start a new life.  Now, I can look back at my exciting, sometimes zig-zag journey from a great career in finance, marketing, business management and being an entrepreneur with my own interior design business and see how all these experiences have brought me to my current coaching practice.

The Lessons I’ve Learned

Every one of my work situations and new locations has richly increased my understanding of life and the complexities that form our thoughts, assumptions, and actions.  I have been blessed to live and work in a variety of places, such as Switzerland, Spain, Holland, China, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and now, in Arizona. Living in such varied international environments has given me a keen and rich understanding of how cultural heritage plays a significant role in our lives.

I have to start my story from my early years because I believe education from my childhood continues to serve me.  Although I have expanded on my early learning, my experience as I grew served as a confirmation of the thoughts and practices I witnessed in my youth. We all want to be seen, valued, and accepted for who we honestly feel we are.

During my varied careers, I also learned some tremendously valuable lessons.  I learned that when you take the time actually to listen, you understand everyone has a history and that it’s not always the narrative that is obvious that makes us who we genuinely are.

This multitude of experiences in my life has taught me to approach new relationships without preconceived assumptions or pre-judgments. Life has also revealed to me, that when you take the time to listen from a perspective of mutual respect, compassion, understanding and be genuinely interested in another person’s story, you can build relationships, even between what seems like unlikely pairings.

Growing up in a very close community gave me a sense of belonging even as I traveled the world and the many incredible people I met at the school opened my mind to the possibilities that life has to offer.  This education is a remarkable gift to receive at a young age and has enriched me my entire life.

It has made me appreciate that even the smallest memory, thought, or opinion can be related to how we think or perceive a situation years later.  I have also learned that you can accomplish things, even when you don’t know what direction you are headed. I know, from experience, that you will figure it out along the way, and sometimes it’s a matter of being creative and allowing yourself to believe that you can achieve anything with what you have and know. You will get there by holistically looking at your entire world.

All these lessons have created a foundation that has been an invaluable source of comfort both personally and professionally as I have traveled through so many changes.

So why does this matter to you?

My fundamental belief is that you deserve to feel valued for being who you are as an individual in all aspects of your life – not only as somebody’s mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son, boss, etc.  You have a complex and unique history that shapes your fears, hopes, dreams, your perceived limitations.  Your past experiences are the foundations for how you approach and manage the challenges you face every day.  As a result, you might, like most people, live a double life; a “private” and a “public” version.   I know this behavior often leads to burn-out, fatigue, frustration, and unhappiness in our personal and professional lives.  I embrace your need to be seen and honored for who you are at your core and sometimes need help to find a new perspective or direction for the path forward.

All these lessons are the foundation for my coaching practice; it’s all about you, your story, your life, your dreams, and most importantly what’s your next step.  It is my passion and mission to help you live your life fully every single day, lead powerfully to create the impact you desire, and grow confidently so you effortlessly reach your highest aspirations.

Are you ready?

I am here to equip you with tools, practices, and skillsets to handle the challenges life throws at you while helping you stronger and more confident when faced with these and future obstacles.

Now you have a sense of who I am and my history; I would love to get to know you and understand your story.

Call or send me an e-mail, let me know if there are challenges or areas that you like to find a better way to balance so that you can live and love all aspects of your busy life.   Let’s start the conversation!


Else S Johnson

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