Say YES to you

Take back the leading role in your life!

It happened again.

You said yes, and now you have a pit in your stomach. Once again, you somehow got roped into something you didn’t want to do, and your calendar bursting with commitments. But that’s what you do, never giving it an extra thought.

You feel overwhelmed and out of control because every minute of your day is already accounted for and you have no time for yourself. You know your commitments are getting out of hand because you’re completely exhausted and emotionally drained. You lost interest in the things that used to bring you joy, like girls night, retreats or family functions.

You dread every time you check e-mail, get a text or the phone rings, and you’re starting to shy away from social engagements because you usually end up being in charge of bringing dishes, creating invites, or organizing half the thing. It all just seems to fall on you. You’re just going through the motions without feeling any joy. You’re constantly feeling like everybody is relying on you, and they don’t respect your needs. You’ve forgotten your dreams and to prioritize what’s truly important to you.

You don’t know why you can’t just say no! You feel guilty every time you do because everybody is counting on you.  You want to be involved, but there’s not enough of you to go around, and you’re sacrificing your own needs. You wonder what happened to your energetic, go-getter, fearless attitude.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Imagine waking up in the morning with plenty of time to shower, eat a nourishing breakfast, sit down to sip your coffee, or maybe even do a quick workout and head out excited for the day ahead.

You’ve got a skip to your step because your calendar is filled with commitments you enjoy. You feel prepared, organized, and confident. After work, you go to events or get-togethers with confidence knowing that you won’t feel compelled to volunteer unless it’s really something you’re excited to do.

Imagine your weekends filled with things you actually want to do, not have to do; fun nights with the family, concerts, and road trips. You no longer dread those occasional obligatory engagements. Every commitment you say yes to is because you decided to—you’re in control of your time and energy.

Imagine having time to plan that dream vacation on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean, attend that seminar, hiking, getting lost reading a book, just fun adventures like exploring your city. Fun adventures you wanted to do someday when you have time.

You want to be successful,

in control, and

have time for yourself

You’re ready to say YES to yourself so you have time to rediscover what really motivates and inspires you.  Now you’re finally able to devote time to explore some of these things and you’ll be happy doing!

You’re ready to feel accomplished, fulfilled, and have some fun because you are fun and want to enjoy both your personal and professional life again. You’re ready to control what goes in your schedule so you have time to completely commit and not feel resentful that all the responsibility is on you.   

You are ready to feel in charge of your life again!

You can be successful and have a life – it’s easier than you think!

I coach ambitious professional women like you who feel they always put others’ priorities first and have no time left for themselves. I can help you discover what truly inspires you and confidently select your commitments, feel happy in all aspects of your busy life!  

It’s time to take back control of your life and it starts with IT’S YOUR TIME, Say YES to you and take back the leading role in your life coaching.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies that make it easier for you to decide when, and when not, to take on additional responsibilities both at work and at home.
  • How to decide what goes on your schedule and be confident in your choices.
  • How to create boundaries, so you can set time for yourself and start enjoying life.
  • How to say no without feeling guilty.
  • To confidently say yes to what really matters to you.


Take back the leading role in your life includes:

Investment $197

Your Life assessment:

Before our first session, you’ll answer a few questions to identify areas you want to change.   This will help you get very focused and specific on the area you want to be in control of first.

One-on-one coaching session:

During our 90 minutes, insightful coaching session, by phone or video call, we’ll review Your Life Assessment and discuss what you want to take immediate action on. You’ll learn methods to decide what activities excite you, how to confidently choose your commitments, how to identify what really motivates and inspires you, and how to plan for lasting results. Before we hang up we’ll discuss how to apply these actions to your life. 

Take away:

You’ll have a list of simple strategies to use next time you are faced with requests that you know will not serve you. You’ll have a plan so you can confidently prioritize everything that goes in your calendar and how to start realizing the dreams you have neglected.

Follow Up:

Don’t worry you won’t have to go it alone; I’m here to encourage and help you keep on track and answer questions. We will connect again for a 30 minutes session 2-3 weeks after the initial call to review and figure out what’s next.

IT’S YOUR TIME  – Say Yes to you

Ready to take back the leading role in your life

Here’s how to get started


Schedule and Pay


You’ll get a confirmation and the pre-session form


Complete the questions and return it before your session


Get ready to be in charge of your life!

Questions or need more information – I’m here to help;



“I have had several sessions of coaching with Else, she is very attentive and a very good listener, she always asks detailed questions in order to understand my challenges and customize the perfect solutions and guidance for me. She is so easy and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her.

“I had a wonderful coaching session with Else, and found her to be very effective in helping me work through some hidden barriers that I wasn’t even aware of. Else is relatable, empathetic, thoughtful, and focused on moving the conversation in the right direction. The coaching call felt like talking to a friend who knew me and knew how to relate.

The best part was that during our time together I was able to slowly remove the layers of confusion in my life and get back to what matters to me. The same things that made me cry and feel sorry for myself, I now see as a source of strength and courage, which allows me to design the life I want without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Thank you Else for helping me break down this pile of mess that I was carrying around in my head, and encouraging me to see things differently, as they really are.”

“I connected with Else and worked on a financial issue recently and through her coaching techniques I was able to unveil where my beliefs had seeded, in a very gentle yet effective way. Through supportive questioning and her ability to safely hold the space, I felt liberated and awakened to discover not only where the source of the issue stemmed from, but also a way to counter it for a more open and resourceful way forward. What I loved the most about the session together, was the feeling of change throughout my whole system – physically, mentally and emotionally. There was definitely a powerful shift and I have not had the same issue arise since!

Thank you Else!”

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