Do you believe in the power of personal development? 

If you said yes, you are not alone, because according to the, the global personal development market was valued at USD 38.28 billion in 2019.

Wikipedia describes personal development like this: “Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.”

No matter how you define personal development, I believe the critical part of this statement is to “improve awareness and identity.” Once you increase your awareness of your belief system and how it influences your identity, you can create a roadmap that will help you live your life more fully.  How can I claim that I know the most important mindset you must have to improve your awareness successfully; that is because it was this realization that was a game-changer for me.

In my experience, the must-have mindset is – drum roll, please – your willingness to be completely honest, not just the honesty where you tell everybody your version of the truth, but being raw and unfiltered with yourself

You need to be willing to look inside yourself and see what is hiding in all the dark places you rather forget. You need to spotlight things that you have been suppressing but know are always lingering in the background clouding your thoughts and actions.  

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Here are three reasons why I think this is so significant. 

    • The power of letting go.

      We often hang on to old stories that no longer are relevant, but because we have allowed it to become part of our identity, we don’t know how to move forward.  Statements like; I’ve always …, I’m not good at …, My mother, father, or boss tells me I’m…  Until you honestly decide if these labels are supporting or hindering you, you will never know the impact they have on your life.  I have so often seen clients let these external opinions get in the way of realizing their goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.  Many are quite successful but feel they live somebody else’s dream because they have allowed family traditions or the need to prove themselves be their guide. Imagine if you let go of others’ expectations and started living life according to your version of your best self.


    • Stop being your own worst critic.

      Start to look at why you are so critical of yourself.  Is it because you don’t feel you have enough qualifications or are afraid that nobody will like what you are doing?  Are you possibly scared to fail, so by prematurely being critical, you are prequalifying your excuses?

      The truth is that being critical is often a symptom of uncertainty in ourselves, anticipated harsh judgment from others, the process, or the imagined outcome. If you honestly allow yourself to analyze the situation, you can start to create a solution without continually beating yourself up.

    • Focus on you and what you can or can’t control.

      When you want something to happen personally or professionally, do you start by telling yourself why it can’t happen?  Is it because somebody else says so, financial reasons, locations, are you always looking at all the external roadblocks?  Sometimes, we do this so subtly that we don’t even realize it.  We are programmed, especially professionally, to weigh all the options, analyze the data, minimize our risks, and forget to look inward and decide our role in the process.  When we begin to ask ourselves questions like;

    • What don’t I want?
    • What am I afraid to admit?
    • What result do I want?
    • Do I feel equipped to handle this?
    • What will I need to learn?
    • How will this influence my life (personally/professionally)?
    • Is this in alignment with my belief and values?
    • What do I have to sacrifice to achieve this? 
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    The questions will guide you towards an answer without external interference.  It will allow you to align your decision process with your intentions and help you feel mentally and emotionally stronger. You become better equipped to make a decision that works for you because you have more control over your decision and actions. 

    What’s the point?

    The thing is, your personal development is not limited to you – it influences all aspects of your life.  When you begin to understand yourself on a deeper level, you relate differently to the world around you. 

    You will see how your experiences have created behavioral patterns that are shaping all your relationships, how you show up as a leader, and your approach to your business. You can, consciously and intentionally, begin to experience more fulfillment and joy in your life. I know that as I began to show up authentically, I became a better mother, wife, sister, friend, leader, business owner, and, most importantly, started to greet each day with anticipation and joy. 

    If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or know something has to change but not sure where to start, join The Truth and Dare Challenge, or reach out and let’s talk.  It could be your most important conversation. 

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