How did you celebrate Valentine’s day 2020? Did you buy your sweetheart a beautiful arrangement of red roses and a big box of chocolate, did you arrange an elaborate romantic evening with your long time love, or did you finally find the courage to ask your special someone to marry you?

I went to the grocery store on February 15th, and one of the first things to greet me was the discounted left-over roses.  Further down the aisle were all the pink and red heart-shaped boxes of decadent chocolate, now also discounted for a quick sale. NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL!!

For a brief moment, I thought, what a waste.  See, I grew up in Denmark and never celebrated Valentine’s day, and even after 30 years in the US can’t quite see the purpose of dedicating one day to expressing your undivided devotion to your one and only.  To me, it’s always been, just another Hallmark day, created to make you overpay on things you don’t need. 

Okay, relax, I’m not a complete Ebenezer Scrooge or Debbie Downer.

I absolutely, support the idea of letting the significant people in our lives know we love and care for them. My only complaint is that we need to do it more than once a year. 

As I continued through the store, I began to consider how most of us find it so easy to share our love and compassion with others but often forget to take care of ourselves.  So today, I want to share three tips I realized we could take from the Valentine’s Day Playbook and use it to boost self-care every day. 


Buy flowers:

Do you buy yourself fresh flowers?  I regularly do because I love how they bring color and beauty into my home.  They connect me to the outdoors when I feel stuck behind the computer and brightens my mood. 

If flowers aren’t your thing, or you are in a work environment where it’s not appropriate, think of something that will make you feel good and brighten your day every time you look at it.


Be your own date:

Is there something you like to do, but nobody around you seems to be interested in participating?  What is holding you back from doing it anyway? 

All too often, we think we need our spouse, family, or even friends to tag along.  However, it’s been my experience that if I “force” somebody to go with me, I end up being more concerned with if they enjoy what we are doing than just relaxing and relish in the moment. 


Show courage!

Recent statistics show that there are about six million wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day. An action that involves laying your heart on the line at the risk of having it broken –  that takes courage.  However, I’m convinced that most will tell you that they had to do it.

I also think that many people don’t take the risk and live with regrets. 

So what is that thing that you secretly are dreaming about will bring you the success, joy, fulfillment that you are seeking?  Isn’t it time that you found the courage to propose to yourself and finally go for it?


Self-care is not selfish.  It’s how you fuel your mind and spirit to show up every single day to share your unique talents and gifts with the world around you. 


Happy Self-Care Day – Else

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