Are you stuck or feel lost, but can’t pinpoint what makes you feel this way? 

You are looking in the mirror, trying to find a solution from the person starring back at you but realize you don’t recognize that person anymore. 

You are always busy, yet your days seem remarkably empty, and you walk around feeling like a zombie.

You watch the motivational shows on TV and read inspirational books.  But let’s be real, they don’t have a clue how many responsibilities you have.  You can’t just take off and leave everything; your husband, children, your job or business, your friends – they all need you, and you love them dearly. 

If you are an entrepreneur like me, your business isn’t what it could be. You feel ashamed because you know what to do, but somehow, life keeps getting in the way of doing the work as consistently as it requires to get the results you know you can accomplish.

Everybody tells you how amazing and lucky you are, but you want to scream and ask them to stop!

Yet you put on a smile, lend a hand, do your job, service your clients, and continue to do what is needed because after all, so many people have it much worse than you.

I’m here to tell you – IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!!!


Girl standing in the mist by the shore
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When my daughter was in pre-school, she loved to make up stories. I thought of those stories today.  One of the stories is about her and her brother playing in the mist.

She wrote, “We are running around in the mist playing hide-n-seek. Do you know where I’m hiding?” 

It hit me when I was in that place I  describe above, I felt lost in the mist, and the last thing I would have thought was to play hide-n-go-seek because let’s face it – I was lost!!!!!

But what I realize now that my daughter’s story illustrates is that it’s not the mist that’s the problem it’s what we do while caught in its haze and making sure that we have people with us that we trust. 


So I’m here to tell you – You’re are NOT ALONE or lost in the mist. I’ve been there and know where you can hide when it gets too much. 

Here is how I found my way through the mist:

It started with reading this statement in a book, “you can’t change other’s behavior; you can only change how you relate.”

Simple right? Yes, not easy.

I found help.  I worked with brilliant coaches, who guided me back to me.  I learned how I was holding on to past versions of who and what I should be instead of trusting myself and my ability to create the life I desired.  I learned NLP* and CBT** coaching and became a master practitioner myself.  These frameworks help me understand how my past experiences were clouding my current thought and actions.  It helped me ask the right question on my way of identifying what I wanted my life to feel and be.  It helped me improve my relationship with my husband, be a better mother, friend, and a more successful entrepreneur.

As I found clarity on what I wanted, I also changed how I felt about myself; I’m now emotionally stronger, happier, more focused, and feel more passionate about my life and business.   I love my busy life because I’m in control (most of the time)

I’m not going to lie; my life didn’t change overnight, and there is still work to do – there will always be work to do.  It took a lot of self-reflection, letting go of past hurts, learning to trust myself,  willingness to be honest, vulnerable, and shining light on all my dark hidden secrets.

Also, let me make it 100% clear, I had to do the work, nobody could do the work for me, but my coaches and mentors were right there alongside me and helping through the mist, and they are still here if I stray too far off the path to guide me back.  Life will always have challenges, but I have learned to face them head-on.


If you know something has to change and if you are ready to do the work, let’s talk.  I will be here to guide you through the mist.  You are worth it and deserve to feel alive again!

You will be OKAY!!

With Love,




*NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

** CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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